Incurable Traits (2000) (en)

Incurable Traits 2000

Incurable Traits Download - Hua Tuo (Lin Wenlong) was extremely intelligent and obsessed with medicine since he was a child. After encountering by fate, he worshipped the famous doctor Zhang Zhongjing as his teacher. Once, Guan Yunchang (Yin Yangming) took a fellow from his hometown to seek medical treatment. Tu found that his illness was different, not ordinary typhoid fever, so he combined "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" with "Yin Nourishing Theory" and successfully developed a cure for plague. It is a pity that the people are superstitious about the ghosts and gods, and the villain's success has harmed Tuo a lot, causing him to be murdered. Zhang Miaoxin (Wu Yongwei), Zhongjing's eldest daughter, is in love with Tuo and is determined to marry and flee with her husband.
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