Totem (2021) (en)

Totem 2021
  • Original title: Totem
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 2021-08-22 (2021)
  • Duration: 284 Min
  • Genres: Reality

Totem Download - The Totem brings to life an ancient myth, in the depths of the native forests, centered on the wolf, the most dangerous weapon in the countryside, and the epitome of unbridled power, the eternal rivalry of the deer. The centuries-old struggle of the two iconic totem animals is now gaining new strength and coming to an end. In the camp of wolves and deer, seven all-time celebrities will clash, who, in defiance of nomadic conditions and the challenges of nature, will head under the guidance of an instructor to search for treasure to win their team, fulfilling a power struggle rooted in the past. In TV2 Totem's self-developed production, a two-week star team - deer and wolf - embark on a hitherto unknown adventure, led by an instructor, to pocket the seven mystical crystals, giving the wild lord 10 million forints.
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